At the Sivananda Yoga Seminar House, which is located right across from our hotel, you will have an opportunity to attend yoga classes and meditation sessions. Experienced yoga instructors will teach you exercises to reduce tension and stress.

Practice your yoga or breathing exercises on an outdoor yoga platform.

The program is further enriched by talks, weekend seminars and training for yoga instructors. In the Yoga Boutique, you will find professional literature about yoga, meditation and health, yoga accessories, relaxing music and much more.

Further information:

Below you will find useful information about our hotel:

  • Internet:In the dining room, you have the opportunity to use our free Wi-Fi. Login information is available at the reception.
  • Sauna:We will be happy to heat up our sauna for you. Please note that sauna times are determined by the Sivananda Yoga Seminarhaus and sauna visits are only possible between 11:30 AM and 4 PM when no programs are scheduled.
  • All rooms are equipped with auto mains disconnect. However, this isn’t anywhere near as effective if appliances are left switched on or your mobile phone is plugged in and recharging.
  • Tea and water are available for your enjoyment throughout the day free of charge.
  • All meals are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Sivananda Yoga Seminarhaus. This means that we cook for you without using eggs, vinegar, mushrooms, leaks, onions, garlic as well as some other foods. Naturally, all of our ingredients come from organic-certified producers (subject to regular inspections by Austria Bio Garantie).
  • Please stick to our meal times and be in the dining room at 6 PM for dinner and 10 AM for breakfast.
  • On our sun terrace, you can spend your breaks and enjoy fresh-pressed juices, grain coffee, drinking chocolates and much more. In addition, you will also find a fine selection of chocolates and cereal bars.


For many years now, we have held the Austrian Eco-Seal as well as the European Eco-Label. And for more than 30 years, we have also been proud to display a "Green Toque".


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